Top 5 Places To Relax & Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

31 May 2019
By Guest GAT Girl


Summer has well and truly escaped us and so people commonly think because the harsh sun is not out, they don’t have to look after their skin. Sorry ladies, it doesn’t quite work like that. Here at GAT, we love talking skin and wellness so we’re here to point you in the right direction of where to go to relax and replenish your skin.


Cocoon Spa, St Morris

Cocoon offers a variety of peels, facials and specialist treatments, like needling or IPL, to help revitalise your skin. You can also experience one of their holistic treatments known to help heal your mind, body and soul or unwind in an infrared sauna.


Elixir Skin Fitness, Norwood

Education is very important when it comes to your skin, which is where Elixir is ahead of the game. Clients are educated on how to retain their skin with a combination of medical No two skin types are the same and Elixir provides solutions for a number of skin conditions, like acne scarring, stretch marks or pigmentation.


Swiss Wellness Natural Health & Beauty Spa

Feel like you need to unwind and put aside the pressures of everyday life? Look no further than here. Your tension and stress will be released in this calming space as while you enjoy a soothing facial. Try one of its signature treatments: the chocolate body mask – a deep-sea clay with essential oils to purify the skin.


Clarity Massage & Wellness, North Adelaide

Winner of the 2018 Adelaide City Awards, this wellness centre offers a number of specialised services including remedial massage, naturopathy, yoga and pilates and pregnancy care. Regardless if it’s injury, stress or IBS related, Clarity can treat what’s limiting you and your body.


Endota Spa

Endota has facial treatments for everyone and every skin type. But why stop at the face? If you need to rebalance and rejuvenate, relish in a massage at one of Endota’s 14 locations. From relaxation to remedial to deep recovery, there is something to help treat, relieve and nourish your body, no matter the circumstances.  There are also a number of spa packages and beauty services available.

Top 5 Places To Relax & Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 31 May 2019


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