The Seven Summer Essentials

04 November 2016
By Guest GAT Girl


Becoming an intern at GAT I’ve had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the exciting world of PR and into a field I can’t wait to pursue a career in. I started my internship a week after returning from gallivanting around Europe, where I was soaking up the sunshine on a daily basis, near the crystal clear Mykonos coast and eating copious amounts of Italian Galati.. (Not to brag or anything guys!).

As my post Europe blues settle in and I’m left waiting for Adelaide’s ‘spring’ weather to finally kick in, I’ve traded soaking up the sun, for absorbing as much PR knowledge as possible at GAT. This week I had the task of exploring this season’s up and coming bikini trends, picking pieces for an approaching shoot. As I pulled bikini after bikini, this got me thinking what are some summer essentials for this season? With one summer season under my belt for 2016, I figured it was time to prep for the coming months ahead!

Essential # 1

Kylie Jenner in daring one piece
Kylie Jenner in daring one piece

The obvious and clear choice for the number one summer necessity is an awesome swim piece. Yup, not just bikinis this season – embrace a 50s vibes and dare to slip into a one-piece (plus they’re awesome for those days you’re feeling a little sluggish and want to indulge in an ice-cream or two!) Croquet pieces are also a cool and unique way to bring some uniqueness to any teeny-tiny bikini. And lastly, don’t forget your classic triangle pieces, you can never go wrong with the classics.


Essential # 2

Sun glasses
Sun glasses

Sunnies, and loads of them. Rose gold, silvers and blacks with metallic reflectors are a noticeable season favourite. Round-lensed Ray Bans are also getting a look in this season, or a personal favourite- the classic black aviator to go with any outfit. If you’re stuck trying to find your ride-or-die pair of sunnies for the season, check out Luna Australia or Quay ladies- they’ll keep your eyes shielded in style.

Essential # 3

Hay fever tablets. Just when you think you can put these little lifesavers away, you’ll get hit with a killer 90% pollen day when you least expect it. To eliminate the risk of ruined mascara and blood shoot eyes, keep those tablets at arms reach!

Essential # 4

Kimmy K rocking denim shorts
Kimmy K rocking denim shorts

Denim shorts and skirts. Denim is a timeless essential in any summer wardrobe- it’s versatile, casual and classy. So go denim crazy, although take some caution. Ladies, we have moved past the stage of risk-ay cheeky cut denim shorts. Yes I know, ‘suns out- buns out’, but there is only so many buns the world can take in one day, so let’s keep the sunset as the beaches main breathtaking view..

Essential # 5

Exercise. This is a summer must for me, and not for the typical reasons you may be thinking. Don’t fret on getting the perfect beach bod with excessive 5am gym sessions, but embrace the warmer weather with your girlfriends and the pup by taking in the seasonal changes to boost your spirits and natural endorphins. Daylight savings is also an awesome excuse to get out in the spring air and soak up some Vitamin D, (and a side note, walking does give you some serious bonus help to the glutes and pins!).

Essential # 6

Gigi Hadid sporting baseball cap
Gigi Hadid sporting baseball cap

Hats. Slip, slop, slap is still an old school summer essential. Avoid bad hair days and get your hands on a statement hat. Caps are making the come back, for both a casual or classy feel. Faux leather and suede caps are a must for keeping a fresh, sweat-free face and to help avoid leaving your nose looking like Rudolph.

Essential # 7

Sunscreen- my final and favourite summer essential.  Yes, we all want to be bronzed goddesses, but while you’re in the sun covered in oil like a roast chicken, let’s just have a think about the repercussions. Will your inner goddess be unleashed, as you’re lying in bed with the fan on full-boar, lathered in Aloe Vera, holding back the tears of pain? Sunscreen is a DAILY must – want to look 30 years old when you’re 50? How do you do that? Olay wrinkle cream? Nope, sunscreen ladies.

Until next time,

Ri xx


The Seven Summer Essentials
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 04 November 2016


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