The GAT Diaries Begins…

07 October 2016
By Guest GAT Girl

I’m brand new to the sparkly, glamourous world of PR. For the past six years I’ve worked in the fast paced world of news, chasing stories, giving a voice to the voiceless and helping expose injustices. I’ve hung up my microphone and notebook to become the newest GAT girl.

Before joining Girl About Town, my only knowledge of Public Relations was through the eyes of PR Queen Eddie Monsoon from ‘Absolutely Fabulous.’ When asked what she actually did, she exclaimed, ‘I PR things. People. Places. Concepts. I turn the crap into credible, the dull into delicious.” While I must admit, her sentiment does sometimes ring true, I have learnt there is so much more to PR. While the life of a PR guru looks glamorous, perched in front of countless media walls and floral installations on Instagram, behind the shiny façade is a lot of hard work, planning, running around, early starts and late nights.


Girl About Town
Girl About Town

When I’m not in front of my Mac putting together press releases, pitching stories, working on proposals, I’m either on the phone managing events, or meeting with our enthusiastic clients. There’s no job too big or small in our office. When we’re not donning our high heels at events, the GAT team is renowned for getting around in our signature white sneakers. It’s a must in this world! They’re essential for when we’re putting final touches on events or running around Adelaide hand delivering invites.

Rose Garden - Morphettville Racecourse
Rose Garden – Morphettville Racecourse

With Melbourne Cup on the horizon, this week has been hectic! I’ve been busy planning Republic’s fashion parade. I’ve secured a range of local sponsors along the Parade to showcase their beautiful spring/summer collections. The Stag’s also getting in on the cup day action. I’ve spent this week pitching in stories about their amazing after party featuring Zoe Badwai. I’ve also turned my attention to Morphettville’s Rose Garden, locking in a number of local VIPs to attend. All the GAT girls are already counting down the days until the Rose Garden opens, with the lavish marquee boasting a pop up beauty bar, cigar lounge and live racing action. The most astonishing of Melbourne Cup feats this week has been managing to book in a make up appointment with MAC just three weeks out from the event… Yay!

Until next week… xx





The GAT Diaries Begins…
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 07 October 2016


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