Roxy Jacenko Inspires at ‘In Conversation’ Seminar

04 May 2017
By Guest GAT Girl
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Every young girl entering the public relations industry, hopes that someday they will develop the hustle, drive and overall success of Australia’s undeniable PR Queen, Roxy Jacenko. The thirty-six-year-old is pure goals, from her hot bod and flowing locks, to her massive social media following and of course her thriving PR firm, Sweaty Betty.

Roxy Jacenko

While she confessed that her hair isn’t’ real, and is instead a beautifully sewn in weave, we discovered everything else in her enviable life couldn’t be more real. The Girl About Town team was lucky enough to jet off to Sydney to learn from the best in the business, at Roxy’s ‘In Conversation’ seminar on Friday. The PR powerhouse revealed the keys to her success in the industry, to the packed crowd at the Westin Hotel.

With four years of in house public relations experience behind her, then 24-year-old Roxy decided it was time to go out on her own and start building an empire. Twelve years on and Roxy has developed a strong team, otherwise known in the media as her ‘blonde clones’ to become Sydney’s leading lifestyle PR agency.

Sweaty Betty Team

The PR Queen, best known for her lift selfies on Instragram, divulged her top social media tips. Roxy told the captivated crowd, that consistency is key to getting cut through on Instagram and the best times to post is when people are in bed! She also talked about the importance of speed in the industry and how she’d recently secured the ultimate coverage for a client. When Justin Beiber was last in town, he was snapped outside ‘Charcoal Carlies.’ Instead of fan-girling and wasting time wishing she as there, Roxy switched into work mode. She immediately rang the restaurant to find out what meal he ate and formulated a killer press release that the media ate up.

Roxy Jacenko

Roxy also opened up about her personal struggles, after a tough 2016 where her husband was sentenced to jail on insider trading charges and she battled breast cancer under the fierce glaze of the public eye. Inspiringly, she told the packed audience, that failure wasn’t an option and there was no way she was going to let her haters win. Despite hospital appointments and court hearings, Roxy was back in the office every day, simply getting on with business.

It’s is not only this resilience, drive and strength that I looked up to in Roxy, it is her genuine kindness. While hustling is a big part of what Roxy does, a lot of the time her kindness is forgotten. Roxy always takes the time to give back, whether it’s a thank you note with beautiful flowers or taking the time to personalise her emails and find out how people are travelling.

Not only did I go home inspired, but I also left with the most amazing goodie bags, bursting with beauty products, vouchers and food… Proving Roxy Jacenko is one generous woman!


Roxy Jacenko Inspires at ‘In Conversation’ Seminar
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 04 May 2017


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