Real House Wives of Adelaide

19 December 2016
By Guest GAT Girl

This month I lived out my fantasy… Anyone who knows me will tell you just how addicted to reality television I am. Whether it’s watching the car crash that is Geordie Shore, being a fly on the wall as women have their hearts broken on The Bachelor or being captivated by catfights on The Real Housewives or Melbourne… you name it, I watch it. So as you can imagine I was beyond excited when I heard Gamble Breaux would be jetting into Adelaide to host our very own #boutique2016.

Girl About Town jumped on board to do the PR for the never before seen runway show, held at the Botanic Gardens. This year directors Filip Odzak and Quentin Kenihan made sure it was a catwalk with a difference, raising money for charity Touched by Olivia, to build an all inclusive playground at Marion.

Gamble Breaux and Quentin Kanihan
Gamble Breaux and Quentin Kanihan

The big day came, and in Real Housewives of Melbourne style we picked up the bubbly reality star in a brand new Lexus. The friendly team at Lexus had loaned us their wheels for the day to show Gamble around our beautiful city. In a bid to rival Toorak our first port of call was King William Road. We took Gamble inside Liza Emanuel’s exquisite store to pick her outfit for the night. While cruising around in our luxury car, Gamble shared stories about her life, her work at the gallery and her beautiful family. I quickly discovered there’s a lot of reality they don’t show on the screens. Not only was Gamble beautiful and funny, she’s also incredibly witty and intelligent, with a heart of gold.

Gamble Breaux at Lexus
Gamble Breaux at Lexus

After a spot of lunch at the Hilton Hotel and some glam time, we were all ready to hit #boutique2016. Two rows of crisp white chairs, lined the Plane Tree Drive entrance, as large trees loomed overhead. Gamble kicked off the show, with a few laughs over cast member, Pettifluer’s car buying technique and a plea to Burnside ladies to start up a Real Housewives of Adelaide. Over 40 of Adelaide’s top males and females from Finesse strutted their stuff on the runway, flaunting fashion for over leading, local boutiques. Not only did the event let me live out my reality show fantasy, but it raised much needed funds for a beautiful charity.


Until next time,

Sophie xxx


Real House Wives of Adelaide
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 19 December 2016


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