Party in the USA

21 October 2016
By Alyce James-Tronnolone

So apparently we had a pretty horrendous winter this year? Fortunately I skipped out just before the wild weather graced us on a two-month expedition across the globe.

You would be here for hours if I told you about all my adventures so I’ll keep it short and sweet and give those with the travel bug a little bit of advice…

The 10 things you should know about America before you go:

1. New York is as incredible as it is in the movies – Times Square really does light up the night, Grand Central Station is magical even without a Serena van der Woodsen sighting and the subway is as grimy as it’s depicted in Law and Order SVU.

2. Ironically, you shouldn’t judge America by how it’s portrayed in your favourite TV shows, although sometimes it’s so incredibly accurate, keep an open mind.

3. The Statue of Liberty is half the size you expected – Lady Lib only stands at 93 metres from ground to torch.

4. If you don’t have your own Hangover experience in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong. Lose your friends in Omnia, fly in a helicopter over The Grand Canyon and zip line over the strip. Do it all, never say no.

Flying over the Grand Cayon
Flying over the Grand Cayon

5. The serving sizes are as big as they are notoriously known for, never ask for a large meal or you’re going to have some serious struggles polishing off your feast.

6. The fast food isn’t fast! You have to try all the classic fast food, In N Out Burger, iHop, Shake Shack – you name it! But be prepared to wait because everyone is out to do the same.

7. Get used to tipping – I know, I know, it’s hard parting with your hard earned cash but residents of the US are not as lucky as us down under and get paid a significantly lower wage. So help a struggling student out and be generous with your gratuity.

8. San Francisco is the most underrated city in the USA. Think Brunswick Street in Melbourne, alternative vibes packed with adorable boutiques and quality vintage destinations.


Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

9. Say hello to Tax – and it’s different in every city! Tax is added after the printed price at the till, so get used to paying a little more than anticipated when you finalise that Bergdorf’s bill.

10. It’s okay to be a kid in Disney Land! Not only will children surround you, you will be one of them. Disney Land is the one place it’s acceptable to wear your Mickey Mouse ears with pride and eat copious amounts ice cream accompanied by Chip and Dale.

Disney Land
Disney Land

The USA is definitely one to explore. The shopping alone should be enough to get you on a plane! That being said, my waistline and my bank account are happy with me staying put for now.

Until next time,



Party in the USA
Alyce James-Tronnolone
DATE 21 October 2016


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