Ola, Ciao, Yiasou!

13 October 2016
By Laura Martino

As some of you may know, your Go-To GAT girl has returned home from her overseas escapade –  & yep, it was even more AMAZING than I could’ve ever anticipated. Every city, landmark, coastline, culture and breathtaking view will stay imprinted in my memory (and visible on my social media pages).

From sailing the Adriatic Sea, to exploring hidden treasures in Croatia, to witnessing multiple sunsets (and sunrises) in Greece, and consuming copious amounts of gelato in Italy – I can safely say, this trip is the best thing I’ve ever done in my twenty-two years of life… And I’m proud of it.




So, eight weeks gallivanting around Europe can definitely teach you a thing or two. So I thought I’d share some small words of wisdom for our fellow readers and travellers…

1. Once you’ve finished packing… Stop and reevaluate. Remove at least 30%, because you’ll be living in your favourite tank top and shorts – comfort conquers all.

2. Make a conscious effort to learn basic words in each country’s local language, such as: hello, yes, no, please and thank you. Not only does this broaden your vocabulary, it shows locals you’re attempting to communicate in their native tongue.

3. Contiki cough is a real thing… Brace yourself, it’ll sneak up on you even if you aren’t kissing anyone! Vitamin C and Hydralyte are essential.

4. Be wary that one standard alcoholic beverage in Europe is NOT equivalent to one standard Australian drink. Trust me, or you will learn the hard way.

5. Your bowel movements become public knowledge – if you weren’t close with your travel buddy before, you will be now.

6. Getting lost is all part of the experience. No denying that it’s stressful, but it’s great for testing your patience… And will make some funny memories!

7. Ladies, don’t waste time in front of the mirror with OTT hair and makeup when you could be out exploring. Leave those locks AL’ natural, chuck some mascara on and off you go!

8. Ask the cab driver. If you’re undecided on what to see or do, cabbies generally have inside information as to where the best bars are and can be your personal tour guide, in an all inclusive fee.

9. If you don’t know how to get down n’ dirty, you better start learning. Body rolls and hip thrusting are prerequisite dance moves when partying in Europe.

10. You’ll return home with a different perspective on life.

Your trip will open your eyes to all the incredible things that exist outside of your hometown. You’ll struggle to think about anything else besides your next getaway… The notorious “travel bug” definitely exists.

Photo Credit: Adelaide Social Network
Photo Credit: Adelaide Social Network

Whilst my sun-kissed complexion begins to fade (darn you Adelaide weather), I’m back to all systems go at GAT. Last Friday in Rundle Mall, Cotto Espresso paraded their longest panini. Bloggers were invited to help create the panini, with a generous selection of succulent cold meats, freshly marinated vegetables and irresistible provolone cheese *drools* to choose from. The panini measured in at three metres long and the event was a huge success!

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Until next time… L x

Ola, Ciao, Yiasou!
Laura Martino
DATE 13 October 2016


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