Miss Maree’s First Entry…

10 October 2016
By Maree Stoubos

Welcome to the GAT Diaries… Your insider access to what really goes on behind the scenes at GAT HQ! Our daily blog, constructed by the GAT girls, will showcase what we all get up to on both a professional and personal front.

So starting with myself, Director of GAT, let me talk about the week that was. Most weeks are consumed by numerous GAT events and last week was testament to that. We launched Westfield’s inaugural Food and Wine Weekend with a paella masterclass for lucky invited foodies and helped Cotto Espresso create their longest panini to date with our favourite food bloggers… It was definitely all about food, oh glorious food. And I know this is going to sound like a first world problem but the struggle is real when it comes to all these food and drink orientated events. Sometimes we just have to say no and not indulge as much as we would like to! So for us, our rule is not to eat until after the event has concluded, and if there is any food left, well then we can’t let it go to waste!

I was also lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the new cinema on Hindley Street – GU Film house. The fact that it is literally right next to our office has made my day – I love going to the movies! It was also really nice to attend an event that we weren’t running for once; I could finally indulge in the food and wine (here we go again!) that was on offer without feeling guilty and sit back (literally) and enjoy. We also got to see the movie, Deep Water Horizon, which was excellent and this kept my boyfriend happy too as we were able to have a rare date night 🙂

I always try to catch up with my girlfriends when I can, which is a rare occasion in the life of PR and events. One of my best friends, Amy, recently brought in to the world the most gorgeous baby boy, so we (myself and my four best friends) went to her house for a girl’s night in to cuddle the little man and of course, watch The Bachelorette. Yes, a new born baby, The Bachelorette, Fasta Pasta and endless chats with the girls equates to the perfect night in!

So what does this week hold you may ask…? You will just have to wait until next week I am afraid! I will be blogging religiously on Mondays, our favourite of the day week, so until next time… xxx M

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



Miss Maree’s First Entry…
Maree Stoubos
DATE 10 October 2016


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