Launch of Skin Gym @ Advanced Aesthetics

27 November 2017
By Guest GAT Girl
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Last week Advanced Aesthetics held a VIP launch event to show off their stylish clinic and launch the innovative, cost-effective and fully customisable membership program Skin Gym @ Advanced Aesthetics. The program has been designed to help achieve healthy, beautiful skin without breaking the bank.


Day spas can often be expensive and it is easy to think a treatment would be way out of your budget, but it doesn’t have to be. Skin Gym memberships start at $50 per month ($12.50 a week!). The team at Advanced Aesthetics work proven and effective treatments into a personalised program that will be most beneficial to your skin.


The membership includes facials, peels, massage, skin needling, laser skin rejuvenation, IPL hair removal and cosmetic enhancements. It also gives you access to a Cosmetic Physician, Dermatologist and Naturopath to work with you and determine which services will benefit your overall health, which is shown through the skin!


One of the most interesting things I learned was the importance of having a healthy PH level for my skin so it doesn’t become too acidic or alkaline. Advanced Aesthetics offer a PH testing kit so you can test your skin and see where you sit on the PH scale (7 is where you want to be). If your skin is sitting at a 10, for example, your PH levels would be considered high and it could remove protective lipids from your skin. PH levels are also very important when it comes to skincare products, if a product has a PH of 8 or higher it is more likely to irritate the skin and the same goes for products containing acids that have a PH of 3 or lower.


Advanced Aesthetics have your at home skin care routine covered – stocking ASAP, Australia’s number one cosmeceutical skin care range. The ASAP products are also used during many of their treatments. Skin Gym customers are offered these at a discounted price as another perk to the membership.


Book your complimentary consultation today to understand your skin’s needs and kick-start your journey to beautiful glowing skin!

Launch of Skin Gym @ Advanced Aesthetics
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 27 November 2017


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