Interning at GAT

02 December 2016
By Guest GAT Girl


To all you PR lovers out there, my name is Candice and I have had the absolute pleasure of interning at Girl About Town for the past 6 months. After 1 year of studying Marketing & Communications at University, I decided it was time to get some first hand experience of the PR world, and where better to gain these skills than with the best at GAT.

Before commencing my internship, I was still so unsure as to what exactly PR was. People think that working in PR is all fun and no work, we get to eat at the best restaurants, drink the latest cocktails and attend all the most exclusive fashion shows, but trust me when I say that a lot of work goes into these events, and the ladies at GAT work their butts off. When people hear the phrase “PR” some think of Samantha from Sex and the City, some may think it’s all glitz and glamour and … it is, BUT (there’s always a but), it has been hard work and I must say I have caught myself running around in my 6 inch heels more than once.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to start my internship back in July because I was fortunate enough to join the GAT team just as Maree and the girls were celebrating their 2-year anniversary. With this celebration came a rebrand, which of course meant a party. I quite literally started my internship with a BANG.

Girl About Town Team
Girl About Town Team

From the rebrand event, to witnessing the largest Panini I have ever seen at Cotto, to eating the most incredible raw treats at Nutrition Republic, to singing my heart out at the amazing Shangri La and finally running the Boutique Fashion Parade in the Botanic Gardens and the Melbourne Cup Day at the Republic, it’s safe to say I have had the chance to work at a number of completely different events, experience new things and meet incredible people.

During my time at GAT, I can honestly admit that I have learnt more in the last 6 months than what I have in the past 2 years of my studies. To all you students out there, I cannot stress enough the importance of gaining experience, because that $30,000 slip of paper you receive at the end of your degree will not be enough to get you the job of your dreams. Put down your books, get into the work force, and get some experience under your belt, because there’s a lot of things you wont find in a text book.

Girl About Town Team at #Boutique2016
Girl About Town Team at #Boutique2016

On my last official interning day (today), I have reminisced on all the laughs and memories I have shared with the GAT gals. Interning at GAT has been one of the best and most beneficial experiences I have encountered. I have spent my days surrounded by amazingly talented women, and formed friendships that will never be forgotten. This internship has given me a taste of the PR world, and has no doubt given me the experience that will help me excel in my future.

Until next time,

Candice Xxx

Interning at GAT
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 02 December 2016


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