How to fill your cup when you don’t even know what day it is!

16 April 2020
By Guest GAT Girl

Words by Tash Buccella 

Is this a self-help blog? No. Is this another article telling you to outline three things you’re thankful for in your gratitude journal? Also, no.

These are just a few honest thoughts and recommendations from someone who goes through waves of motivation. As well as the things I’ve been implementing during sad waves that make me feel like I (kind of) have my life together when I don’t have control of much else!


Organise your space (your brain will thank you):


Just a simple Google tells you all about the psychology behind cleaning and the mental health benefits of a tidy, organised space. With mentions of better sleep, increased productivity and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone), organising parts of my house has been a priority (and distraction?) since spending 95% of my time at home now (aka, my previous excuses are no longer valid).As per any big task, breaking it down into smaller tasks makes starting feel less daunting – and we all know that sometimes the hardest part of anything is simply, well, starting. “Batching” is a form of time management that when implemented sees you group small, similar tasks together to ensure your focus is on that particular area. This is to avoid switching

between a range of different tasks and therefore shifting your focus back and forth. Apparently, it takes an average of approximately 23 minutes to return to your original task after an interruption…and I am 100% guilty of the pointless 20-minute scroll through Instagram when I’m in the middle of doing something else. The aim is to maximise concentration and decrease distraction, which speaks to me as an avid procrastinator.So, chuck on a podcast or a playlist for a designated amount of time and tackle that space you’ve been wanting to re-organise (I bet you already have one in mind).

Image Source: @thefabstory


Storage & Organisation

Bless you, Ikea. In order to motivate myself a little more about the idea of re-organisation at home, I quickly found myself scrolling through Ikea’s Storage & Organisation section on their website. Before I knew it, I was staring at a message on my screen telling me that my order had been placed successfully. Heck yeah. Not only was I was being productive, but I was still getting a minor retail shopping fix (win-win).

Honourable mentions (and purchases):


Declutter your digital life:


Yep, even our digital lives need to be maintained! Although I can list at least five other areas on my phone or laptop that very much need to be addressed and de-cluttered (my ‘Downloads’ folder – you’re one of them) here are two gentle recommendations to help get you started:

We are all familiar with the frustrating scroll to the bottom of an email simply to find the ‘unsubscribe’ link. Well, imagine a cross between Tinder and every email subscription you receive on a daily basis – this is the simple concept of Unroll.Me. Available for free on desktop or as an app, you simply sign up using the email address you are wanting to de-clutter. Every day you are presented with a ‘roll up’ of emails that you are subscribed to and with a simple swipe, you choose their fate. Unsubscribing just became easy (and less annoying) and it will make your digital life feel slightly more under control.

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Apple Subscriptions

Hands up if you’ve ever downloaded an app that you know starts charging you after a one- month free trial (because to be honest, you needed to remove that watermark), but you forgot to cancel your subscription before the EOM? Every time I would receive an email notifying me of a receipt from Apple, I would make a mental note to cancel my subscription before the next 30 days (but would usually forget, again).So, if you’re going to do ONE beneficial thing for yourself and your bank account, let this be it. I won’t even make you Google the instructions, so see below for iPhone users:

Settings > Your Name (at the top) > Subscriptions


Here you will see any ‘Active’ app subscriptions. Click on any to view your subscription and find the option to unsubscribe from that app that you’ve used maybe only twice. Now there’s less thing to have on your mental load.


In times of lockdown, UPSKILL:


It feels good to get better at something, right? With the internet at our fingertips and our faces behind screens even more so than before, so is the overwhelming access to everything from online courses, programs and video tutorials. Perhaps this is a time to upskill in an area you want to improve on within your professional life or industry?

Or perhaps now you have a bit more time in your day to finally shift your energy towards that neglected hobby or idea? In a time where I’m trying to be productive on select days, I have found that even the mere thought of upskilling improves my sense of purpose and wellbeing. I was intrigued to read that TAFE NSW are offering 21 free online courses to help NSW residents upskill in a variety of industries during COVID-19, all from the comfort of their homes.


Although SA hasn’t followed suit – yet – I have already started exploring the courses available on LinkedIn Learning, which gives you access to over 15,000 courses during your first free month (anything for a LinkedIn badge!). Dedicating time to yourself and your personal development is something we all know we should do, so what a better time to start than now?


Honourable mentions:

  • Podcasts, for anything and everything
  • Lumosity – An app for brain training to keep you sharp
  • Overall, investing in yourself


Image Source: @quotesbychristie


Until next time,

Tash x
How to fill your cup when you don’t even know what day it is!
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 16 April 2020


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