How To Dress For Success…

03 February 2017
By Guest GAT Girl


Who would have thought that fashion and the psychological study of the human mind went hand in hand? Yes, fashion psychology is actually a thing! Pioneered by Professor Karen J Pine, this discipline iterates the importance of establishing a unique sense of style as a means of ascertaining one’s identity.

Enough of this neurological jargon. In other words, fashion psychology looks at the way people dress and how this contributes to their sense of self. But more importantly, this discipline deciphers how dress-sense dictates first impressions and perception.

As humans we communicate much of who we are through what we wear. So, rather than agonizing over your latest instagram ensemble, be more concerned as to whether your manager would take a likening to your new thy-high lace ups. Think corporate, not communal.

Dressing appropriately instantly elevates your position within an office, as your colleagues will hold you in a higher regard. Also, you will be taken seriously regardless of age or experience, simply because you look the part.

This may seem obvious, but I’ve come across far too many stories of interns arriving on their first day unprepared and dressed inappropriately for their role. You may be an intern, but in order to make a great first impression you must mirror the morals and values of the company. And this is reflected in your attire.

The Devil Wears Prada, 2006

With this being said, here are a few golden rules to ensure that you ace your first day at the office. Keeping in mind that first impressions are lasting ones.

Rule 1. Don’t show skin. This goes without saying, but do not rock up to the office in a crop top and mini skirt. Aim for knee length skirts and avoid spaghetti straps at all costs. Also, be mindful of clothing that hugs every crevice of your torso. You may be covered from head to toe, but steer clear from figure-hugging outfits that mimic the tautness of latex. After all, you’re at work not a boudoir.

Rule 2. Cover your toes. Your strappy gladiator sandals are cute for brunch but not for the corporate world. The corporate world is a conservative one and it is not interested in seeing the entirety of your foot on a daily basis. In short, enclosed slip-ons or loafers will suffice. However, if you possess the will power to rock a pair of pumps from 9 to 5 more power to you. But make sure your toes are out of sight and out of mind.

Rule 3. Iron your clothes. Just do it. Ironed clothing looks neater and prevents you from looking like a scrunched up paper bag tossed to the side of the road. Not a cute look. You can do way better than that.

Rule 4. Be yourself. Unique style is important as it reflects upon your bomb personality and incredible sense of self. Keeping in mind that your morals and values should somewhat align with the company you are interning for. In a nutshell, your ensemble should be a reflection of yourself and the company neatly packaged & tied up in a bow.

Rule 5. Lastly, simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication. Don’t worry about following the latest trends or purchasing the most expensive designer items. Instead, invest in quality pieces that are sure to last. Think of these pieces as the bones in which to build outfits. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on these items, as they should be durable and of high quality. I find that cypress and delaine fabrics work well. If you keep this in the back of your mind you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

The Devil Wears Prada, 2006

I hope this blog post has been helpful in deciphering your intern ensembles

Until next time… Tayla x


How To Dress For Success…
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 03 February 2017


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