Goodbye From The First Guy About Town

22 January 2018
By Guest GAT Girl


The night before I started my internship with Girl About Town, I was lying in bed with a stomach full of butterflies wondering if I was going to be a spectacular failure – What if they don’t like me? What if I’m a complete mess up? Or worse, what if my fashion choices weren’t up to GAT standard? But upon walking through the door on that first day (outfit painstakingly selected), not only was I welcomed with open arms, I was given the key to a world unlike any other I had encountered.


My first day kick started a six-month journey filled with what I can only call adventures. I assisted on photo shoots and contributed to creative projects for King William Road and Calèche Bridal. I saw first hand what it takes to truly pull off a memorable event after attending launch parties for the likes of Bianca Pizza and the new HQ media launch.



My favourite experience by far was being at the helm of the hallowed GAT keyboards, penning out press releases and blog posts. From this I learned that yes, sometimes there is such a thing as too many puns, that one hurt but I needed to hear it. The experiences were one of a kind, how many interns could say they got to take a brand new Mercedes Benz to a shoot or work backstage at a runway show? Not many. If any. (I couldn’t resist one last cheesy joke).


But on a serious note, you can sit in a classroom for years and years and still go out in to the world without a clue. In my short time at Girl About Town, I learned more about resourcefulness, work ethic, creativity and teamwork than all my time spent at uni, and you better believe I learned how to step up my Instagram game, (if I take one thing away please let it be that).



PR may seem like a glamorous career path, and it is to some extent, but it also takes a lot of hard work and discipline. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, and that’s one thing the team at GAT are not. So to the anxious boy who was scared about his first day in PR, you didn’t have anything to worry about because you were in good hands all along!


So I’ll leave you, reader, with my golden rules for interning…

  1. Always be prepared to think on your feet and use initiative. Life can throw some curve balls at you, such as a flash rainstorm at an outdoor event for 500 people. Yes it happened, good reflexes will get you far in life people.
  2. Never leave the house without snacks and water. This one sounds simple but there’s nothing worse than being at a photo shoot in the middle of a field with nothing to eat or drink. Again, yes it happened. Learn from my mistakes.
  3. Lastly, and most importantly: BE PRESENT! Appreciate every moment for how amazing it truly is. Make new friends, eat all of the free food, dive in headfirst and take in every experience as best as you can because before you know it you’ll be moving on to the next stage of your life, and you want to make sure each stage is just as golden as the next.


Now I’m signing off one last time as a Guy About Town.

Thank you GAT!

Tom x

Goodbye From The First Guy About Town
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 22 January 2018


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