Giddy up! The biggest race of the year has come & gone – and we’ve got the complete lowdown on ‘The Cup’.

09 November 2019
By Guest GAT Girl


(Words by Zena Najjar)

It’s the race that stops the nation, and yes…we are talking about the one and only, Melbourne Cup Race!


Couldn’t get to Melbourne this year? No need! Adelaide celebrated ’the cup’ like no other, and we’ve got all the ‘deats’.


On Tuesday November 5th, Morphettville Racecourse was set for a day filled with endless bubbles, fashion, racing & loads of fun! A staggering 6000 racegoers gathered at the No. 1 location of Morphettville Racecourse to celebrate ‘the cup’, and ‘wow’ were guests in for a treat!


This year, there was a whole bunch of ‘newness’ at the beloved location of Morphettville racecourse. Guests were treated, with the addition of 3 new luxury marquees. This included the ever-so-chic ‘Porsche Marquee’, consisting of deluxe packages, and a day of VIP treatment. Yes…it was just as Instagrammable as ever!



Not only did guests experience a “whole new world” (cue Aladdin soundtrack) with marquee additions, Morphettville was also the home to Adelaide’s coolest ‘pop up’, Lucky’s Beach Club. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to experience trackside and beachside at the same time. Yeah…Adelaide’s pretty cool (don’t care what the others say). The beach club filled with excited guests and buzzing trackside atmosphere #goodvibesfordays.




Now, onto the most important part of the day! #outfits. After months of preparation, the early morning glam and full Instagram feeds, it was time to judge Adelaide’s best dressed.


Who better to have on the panel, than our very own GAT “boss lady” Maree Hopgood. Arriving in a striking Orange number, with a stunning millinery by the talented ‘Mimi-Jane’, Maree set the bar super high!




Putting her talents to work alongside a panel of Adelaide’s creatives – the judging was on, and Adelaide really brought it to the course this year!




What a way to celebrate the most prestigious race of the year! Thank you to Morphettville Racecourse for putting on quite a show! The day after ‘feels’ were completely worth it!


Although the biggest race of the year has passed, Morphettville has an exciting line up of events before 2019 ends. This includes concerts, Christmas shows, and the super fun ‘Twilight Races’. Be sure to head to the Official Morphettville Racecourse website to secure your spots and finish 2019 off with a BANG!




(Photography: Meaghan Coles)










Giddy up! The biggest race of the year has come & gone – and we’ve got the complete lowdown on ‘The Cup’.
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 09 November 2019


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