Five amazing places to visit in South Australia, when the European Vacay FOMO kicks in! And yes…these places are just as incredible – trust us!

05 September 2019
By Guest GAT Girl

Words by Toni Jupp




“anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media”.


Ok fine, we’ll admit we’re just as sad about not being in Europe right now as you are. It almost seems as if the whole of Adelaide is there except us!

However, it doesn’t need to be all tears and envy! Guess what, we have found five fabulous places for you to pack up and venture to, in our very own South Australia. Talk about saving your Mullah!


Barossa Valley


South Australia’s wine capital is where locals can escape, to get away form the fast-paced city lifestyle and wind down – whilst wandering around vineyards, and exploring quaint and quirky shops filled with fine art and delicacies. Not only can you fill up on the world’s best wine, hot air-ballooning is a popular activity that is carried out by tourists. However, if hanging from a flying balloon in a basket doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a helicopter ride over the beautiful greenery, and a lesson about South Australia’s treasures from our experienced and knowledgeable pilots. The Barossa Valley is also the perfect romantic destination for a date or a special weekend away. Hold on – romance, wine, helicopter ride – is this starting to sound like the Bachelor?! Anyways…or consider this as an escape with your group of girlfriends, where wine is the 7th member of the group and time doesn’t exist. Perfect for everyone, the Barossa is just a short drive away to paradise.

Image: Olivier Colas


 Gawler Ranges


This wonderful place is located approximately six hours northwest from Adelaide. It is well-known for it’s stone formations, salt lakes and beautiful scenery. What’s even more delightful about this place, is that it’s undisturbed geologically and has had ample time to develop into one of South Australia’s top destinations. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax but also stay active on your vacay this is definitely the place for you. So come to the Gawler Rangers and take in all of the beautiful sights that Australia has to offer you. And yes! It’s so worth the drive. So get your camera and selfie stick out – its time to capture this beautiful spot!

Image: Peter Neaum


Mount Crawford Forest


This one’s a lot closer to Adelaide, approximately an hour from central Adelaide. Heading that way? Jump in the car, pop on your all Aussie playlist, roll down the windows and take it all in. It is perfect for a getaway if your hobbies include: exploring winding roads (leading you to camp grounds) and bushwalking tracks that expand to open field scenery. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists as you can un-wind with activities such as: picnics (with extraordinary views), horse riding, cycling and summer dreaming. It’s the perfect spot for creatives such as artists and musicians – with views guaranteed to enhance their creative flow.

Image: Peter Neaum


Fleurieu Peninsula


The Fleurieu Peninsula is a slightly different approach to your typical winery. If you enjoy walking down the beach as the wind brushes through your hair, this ones for you. As it’s within close proximity to Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula is perfect for the whole family. Consider a weekend away enjoying bushwalking in the national parks, heading down the coast and whale watching at Encounter Bay. Don’t forget to take a mini trip on the tram to witness the little Penguins at Granite Island. The Fleurieu Peninsula is the perfect place for the family. No matter if you’re there for a week or just a few days, get ready to relax and indulge in all things adventure.

Image: Ian W. Fieggen


Kangaroo Island


Lastly Kangaroo Island is an absolute must! Being Australia’s third largest island and located only two hours from Adelaide, no wonder this South Australian treasure has become a top tourist destination for locals and travelers. On this exquisite Island you will find Penguins, Seals, Koalas and of course Kangaroo’s – as well as many more animals making it a great sight for the kiddies. There is an underground cave system to explore, which is the perfect family activity. We can’t forget about our rumbling tummies, as the Island will impress all the foodies with local cafes, great coffee and world class produce, including the rich fruits – produced in this super natural environment.

Image: Phil Whitehouse

So what are you waiting for? Stop scrolling through ‘the gram’ – jump in your car, throw on your playlist, gather some friends and start exploring the beautiful state that we live in, and get to call home.

Happy road trippin’!

GAT xo

Five amazing places to visit in South Australia, when the European Vacay FOMO kicks in! And yes…these places are just as incredible – trust us!
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 05 September 2019


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