Eat and Tweet


Having your phone out at the dinner table was once frowned upon but now it comes hand-in-hand, as while we eat, we tweet – showing our followers the best food around town. Girl About Town hosts Eat & Tweet events which are executed to launch a new product, menu or initiative for a hospitality client. We get the key social media influencers to dine at the venue and share with the rest of the world just how amazing our clients and their food and beverage offerings really are.

Glam and Gram


Instagram has become one of the biggest mediums to showcase fashion and lifestyle offerings, and at Girl About Town, we have recognised this and produced Glam & Gram events for our fashion and lifestyle clients. Whether it be a new season collections showings or a brand new product launch, Glam & Gram events get the fashionistas, key media, bloggers and social media influencers talking and sharing so that our client’s brands are at the forefront of the fashion savvy crowd.

If you or your business is interested in these exclusive events, feel free to get in touch