Eat & Tweet

Having your phone out at the dinner table was once frowned upon, but now it comes hand-in-hand. Our Eat & Tweet events are designed especially for our hospitality clients to showcase a new location, menu or initiative for both new and established brands. As we eat, we tweet – showcasing the best food around town. We invite select social media influencers to dine at venues and share with the rest of the world how incredible our clients, and their food and beverage offerings, really are.

Glam & Gram

Instagram has become a key medium for showcasing fashion and lifestyle trends. At Girl About Town, we recognise the importance of this platform and have designed exclusive Glam & Gram events for our fashion and lifestyle clients. Whether it be new season collection showings or a product launch, Glam & Gram events get fashionistas, key media, bloggers and social media influencers talking and sharing, ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of the industry crowd.

Press Play

Our renowned Press Kits are an effective way of establishing image and market awareness via traditional and social media coverage. We specialise in creating striking, memorable pieces that ‘press play’ on your brand. Girl About Town develops attention-grabbing Press Kits to get media releases into the hands of local media, bloggers and influencers, in order to create hype across platforms and drive brand awareness.

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