Girl About Town: DIY PR Kit

In today’s society, creating and maintaining a good public image can be difficult and time consuming. Growth in media has resulted in the need for specialised handling of messages, with organisations needing a presence in both social and traditional media outlets. Each media outlet requires tailored strategies to effectively communicate key messages and increase brand awareness.

With the use of the GAT DIY PR KIT, you will be able to implement an effective PR strategy that successfully engages traditional and social media.

The GAT DIY PR KIT will help you identify what makes news in your industry and optimise your potential to secure print, online, radio and/or television coverage for your business and brand.

The GAT DIY PR KIT is a 21 page PDF document that includes sections on:

  • PR 101
  • Implementing successful PR campaigns and strategies
  • Media contacts
  • Editorial calendar
  • Measuring results
  • Pitching
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Releases
  • Media Alerts
  • Newsworthy angles