Discovering the Day of the Dead

10 November 2016
By Guest GAT Girl

When preparing for Halloween there are two distinct pathways girls choose to go down… Dress to frighten the whole neighbourhood or in the famous words of Cady Heron it’s the one day a year a girl can dress like a total sl*t and get away with it. As easy as it would’ve been to throw on some mouse ears and be done with it, this Halloween I opted for scary with the perfect Halloween event in mind.

This Halloween we helped launch Adelaide’s very own Day of the Dead festival to celebrate Mexico’s oldest tradition. The 300-year-old ritual, is a time for Mexicans to celebrate, pray and remember those who have died.

Day of the Dead Festival
Day of the Dead Festival

As soon as guests set foot inside the secret city car park they were transported into an intoxicating world of live music, art, fashion, food and a whole lot of debauchery. A team of talented make up artists were on hand painting intricate sugar skull designs on guests faces. Once my face had been transformed into a terrifying skull… with pink adornments of course… it was time to get into the Mexican spirit with a complimentary taco and a tequila.


Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead

As we sat down at the pop up bar, we became immersed in the fun and colour of the festival, with fire breathers, Brazilian dancers and stilt walkers roaming the car park. There was even something for fashionistas with local label Dark Thorn putting on an edgy fashion parade.

Whether you love or hate Halloween, the night had something for everyone, from fashion and music, to horror and history.

Until next time… Sophie xx

Discovering the Day of the Dead
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 10 November 2016


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