‘Cool Sculpt’, Yeah it’s a Thing! Everything You Need to Know About Laser Clinics’ Newest Fat Freezing Treatment! Just in-time for Summer!

28 October 2019
By Guest GAT Girl

(Words by Zena Najjar)


“Looking to get toned? No worries let’s just freeze your fat!”, said no one ever!

But hey, it’s actually a thing!

Laser Clinics Australia have officially launched their newest innovation ‘Cool Sculpting’. Confused? Don’t worry – we’ve got everything you need to know about this miracle treatment!

Want to eat whilst you loose weight? (Nods head!). Well now you can with Cool Sculpt!

Last Wednesday evening, Adelaide guests were treated to a night with Laser Clinics – Westfield Marion. Loyal customers and Adelaide socialites joined Laser Clinics Marion, for an evening of fun!


Guests were treated to a scrumptious spread by ‘Fig & Cheese’ as well as a glass of bubbles, prepared by ‘Love Mittie’, and the angelic voice of Lili Karamalikis – who filled the room with acoustic beats.



Now…let’s talk about why you’re reading this!

Cool Sculpting!

Cool Sculpting is the newest non-surgical, fat reducing treatment. It delivers controlled cooling to your fat cells underneath your skin, freezing them, and eventually disappearing from your body – giving you a toned bod in no time! Just in time for the Australian Summer!


Guests were treated to a live demo with Laser Clinics Marion owner, ‘Shannah Perre’ and her trained staff.  Rocking up and seeing the machine on stage and a blue and white colour theme, guests knew that they were in for a treat!


We saw the Cool Sculpt process from beginning to end, and let’s just say, it is awesome! Witnessing this live demo allowed guests to see the how painless, easy and quick this service is – and how professional and knowledgable the Laser Clinics – Marion staff are!


After a full live demo, guests were treated to various on-the-night offers and competed on social media for a $1000 Laser Clinics gift voucher! Just a tad jelly!

So, are you going to start your Cool Sculpt journey? We say yes! Did you know that you can eat during this 30-40-minute service? Because let’s be honest, food is life!

We aren’t lying when we say the results are real! Whichever area you’re questioning, whether it’s your thighs, stomach, arms or turkeys’ neck – this treatment can target your problem areas!

So, what are you waiting for? Book in for a consultation with the uber friendly and professional Laser Clinics Marion team, to begin your journey!

It’s time to get your #summerbod!




(Images by Jon Wah)

‘Cool Sculpt’, Yeah it’s a Thing! Everything You Need to Know About Laser Clinics’ Newest Fat Freezing Treatment! Just in-time for Summer!
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 28 October 2019


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