Behind The Scenes: Mercedes Benz Unley Long Lunch Photoshoot

06 October 2017
By Guest GAT Girl
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It’s our favourite time of year: The Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF) has sprung again and with it comes the regular slew of exclusive events, delicious local eats and of course, the latest and greatest of the Adelaide fashion scene; all curated by local designers and businesses. This year, our friends at Mercedes Benz Unley have teamed up with AFF to present the inaugural ‘Mercedes Benz Long Lunch’ – a runway event situated on King William Road to showcase the fantastic fashion from local retailers. We’ll be joining them to peep the King Will fashion and everything it has to offer in the coming seasons. A golden rule: never miss an opportunity to spy très chic pieces for this upcoming Summer!

This lucky Guy About Town was able to go behind the scenes of the promotional shoot for the Long Lunch, featuring the star of the show, the Mercedes Benz. Sometimes there are work perks and then there are WORK PERKS! I think picking up the Benz and taking it for a winding cruise up to shoot location in Stirling definitely falls into the latter of the two (top down of course). Honestly, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. 

Usually, the fun has to come to an end, but it had only just started for us. We arrived at Wairoa Gardens, a stunning property smack bang in the middle of Stirling that features the striking Victorian-era homestead, a lush garden and even a tiny gallery hidden out the back. The phrase “house goals” doesn’t even come close.
We joined fashion stylist, Mirella Romano, photographer Diana Melfi, and the creative team just as the magic soon ensued. 
The weather took a turn for the worst but it didn’t rain on our parade… Well maybe slightly, rain equals no Mercedes with the top down but sometimes you just can’t have it all. But enough about this fabulous car, we’re here to talk about fashion people! Mirella Romano, the stylist of our dreams flexed her fashion muscle and foraged through the amazing boutiques along King William Road and produced the killer looks with pieces from Denim Inequity, Wild Child Style Lab, MUSE Boutique and more.
Benz in place (positioned by Alyce and a little help from the 360 camera view), model set to go, the shoot kicked off! Photographer Diana Melfi was not phased by the grizzly weather, expertly snapping out shot after winning shot. The magic was flowing and far too soon it was time to pack up and head home. Not without an extended farewell from Wairoa’s resident dogs of course.
Goodbyes are hard, and saying goodbye to the Benz was up there with the toughest of send-offs. But all good things come to an end and if the shoot for the Mercedes Benz Long Lunch was just a taste of what’s to come, then by the time the Adelaide Fashion Festival officially rolls around I’ll be too distracted by all the best culture to mind all that much.
Behind The Scenes: Mercedes Benz Unley Long Lunch Photoshoot
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 06 October 2017


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