Are you ready for a paella fiesta?

25 March 2019
By Guest GAT Girl

Written by Emily Cosenza

Did you know paella is actually pronounced ‘pah-e-ya’? You’re probably wondering why you need to know that… Well, here is your chance to order one like a pro on Wednesday, March 27 for National Paella Day. You’re welcome, or de nada, in advance.

Paella originated from the Spanish city of Valencia where it was traditionally made with chicken, rabbit and lima beans. This recipe was later adapted in other Spanish and Portuguese cities, where seafood or chorizo was added. And so it has become the memorable, flavoursome, emoji-worthy dish we at GAT all love.

For obvious reasons, this scrumptious slow-cooked rice dish deserves to be celebrated and it will be at the Lady Burra Brewhouse. What better way to embrace National Paella Day than to eat it for lunch or dinner (or both).

Inspired from her Portuguese heritage, Lady Burra’s head chef Rosa Dantas will be bringing her family’s traditional recipe to life – a rich, hearty meal so delicious it will leave you saying ay, dios mio (’oh my god’) after every bite. Loaded with fresh prawns and muscles, spicy chorizo, tender chicken, fresh peas and bursts of lemon, it’s no wonder Rosa’s paella is a signature dish at the Topham Mall venue. It is normally only available on weekends but thankfully an exception is being made in celebration.

You can bet us GAT girls will be there with very fully bellies – the best way to get us through a Wednesday work day.

But there is more to Lady Burra than its incredible food; it’s also the inner city’s only micro-brewery. While you’re enjoying your meal, be sure to grab one of the in-house brewed beers. You can even get a glimpse of how each of the brews are made at the on-site Brewhouse.

Lady Burra Brewhouse

4 Topham Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

8231 8928

Are you ready for a paella fiesta?
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 25 March 2019


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