Girl About Town Event

What’s all the fuss about?

Girl About Town is a full service PR agency specialising in public relations, events, marketing, digital, activations, promotions, social media, styling and talent management.

Director Maree Stoubos brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Girl About Town with contacts, clients and results speaking for themselves.

Innovation is our middle name. Proving we are not embedded in tradition, we pride ourselves on the ability to react quickly and embrace change as we understand that in today’s modern society the media landscape is forever changing and now more than ever there is a need for digital PR, which is what we specialise in. Our flexibility allows us to keep up with change and set the bar, as we like to stay ahead of the industry trends.

Our fresh and edgy approach to the communications industry will ensure our clients consistently stay one step ahead of its competitors. A unique and timely communications strategy is developed in line with our client’s business philosophy, objectives, key messages, target markets and values, with Girl About Town integrating with the client’s team on all aspects of the account.

What exactly is PR you may ask? Public Relations (PR) refers to the management of information between the client, the media and the general public. Put simply, we act as the middleman (or woman!) between the client and the media to ensure our client’s stories are told. We are communicators and influence the way people think.

We start the conversation for our clients by creating content that is both newsworthy and of social interest, which effectively engages traditional and social media. It is our fresh and edgy approach to the communications industry that ensures our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors.

Appreciating that every situation is unique and timing is everything, Girl About Town ensures that all communication strategies are developed in line with our clients’ business philosophy, objectives, key messages and target markets.

We also have our very own DIY PR KIT, where you will be able to implement an effective PR strategy that engages traditional and social media. It will help you identify what makes news in your business and optimise your potential to secure print, online, radio or television coverage. To find out more, click here

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