A Crash Course In Crystals

09 July 2019
By Guest GAT Girl


Since the beginning of time, crystals and their ability to heal, protect and look super cute on a necklace have captivated us humans, but over the last couple of years, their popularity has hit the mainstream. People have become fascinated by the power of crystals on our body, mind and soul, and can you blame them? While crystals are often associated with tranquillity and relaxation, you can actually get crystals to help in all areas in your life, from anxiety relief to increasing wealth.


While how you use your crystals is really a matter of personal preference, there are several ways to enhance their energy and make the most out of them in your everyday life.  For example, if you’re struggling with sleeplessness due to stress and overthinking – place a moonstone under your pillow to reduce any emotional tension. Ways to use crystals vary from placing them on your desk or under your pillow to infusing them into your drinking water or using them as part of your skincare routine.


If you’re a newcomer to the crystal world and are not sure where to start, here are some staple crystals to start off your collection.


For Luck: Jade


In terms of manifesting an abundance of luck, wealth and wisdom, the Jade stone is your go-to. Its benefits include harmony within your heart chakra, abundance in relationships, work and wealth, and aiding in self-esteem related issues.




For Love: Rose Quartz


This one is all about love. Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone for all you hopeless romantics as it attracts unconditional love, aids in healing emotional trauma and promotes tenderness and empathy.




For Relaxation: Amethyst


One of the more popular crystals, Amethyst is sworn by for its relaxing properties and sleep-enhancing benefits. Its calming energy relives stress while promoting clarity of the mind.


For Fearlessness: Black Onyx


The Black Onyx is the ultimate stone for relieving negative thought patterns and debilitating fear. Known as the warrior stone, it promotes strength and power and is perfect for someone who is about to embark on a new journey.




Happy Healing!

A Crash Course In Crystals
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 09 July 2019


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