5 things you must do in Austin Texas

04 April 2019
By Guest GAT Girl

Written by Leilani Passalacqua

Travelling America is more than the LA parties, or the New York concrete jungle. Sometimes the greatest travel experiences come simply from living like a local. If you’re looking for a cool new place to add to your American itinerary, then here’s a list of five things you must do while you’re in the little, big city of Austin.

  1. Barton Springs Pool

With a year-round temperature of 20 degrees, feel completely and utterly invigorated as you jump into the giant spring-fed heart of Austin – Barton Springs! This enchanting body of nature is situated right in the city is a must see-and-do to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

  • Texas A&M Football Game

Imagine our AFL fan following… now that’s just the following of the Texas A&M college football team! If you find yourself in Austin between September and November, then you must, must, must head to Kyle Field, College Station to see the Aggies take the field. This sports atmosphere is all you see in the movies and more!

  • Hippie Hollow

Located northwest on the shore of Lake Travis, approximately 30 minutes from downtown Austin, is where you’ll find the only legally recognised nudist public park in the whole of Texas. Let your spirit run free and lose your clothes and your tan lines. Enjoy the rugged, hilly scenery and expanse of limestone cliffs while basking under the sun in all your nude and empowered glory.

  • Soup Peddler

As a traveller, we’re always living life in the fast lane and sometimes that makes fuelling our bodies with the nourishment it needs difficult. But, with lots of fresh and healthy homemade soups, salads, juices, smoothies, sandwiches and sweets over five quick-service locations in Austin, you can easily get that healthy (and delicious) quick fix before continuing your American adventure.

  • Breakfast Tacos

Some Texans say a good breakfast taco is like a good hug – encompassing and comforting. Breakfast tacos are an Austin staple and you’d be mad to leave without trying at least one, but that’s almost impossible because there’s brekky taco joints everywhere! You must try Veracruz All Natural, La Flor and El Primo.

5 things you must do in Austin Texas
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 04 April 2019


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