5 HOT Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing Through The Changing Seasons

22 March 2017
By Guest GAT Girl
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Have you ever noticed how dry your skin can become after the summer season ends? – Or, how your skin in general feels different from season to season? This is because your skin reacts to different environmental conditions. So, just as your wardrobe changes throughout the year, so should your skin care routine!

We know it’s easy to throw out your skin care routine as the colder nights roll in, so we have put together 5 tips to encourage you to love and nourish your skin all year round.


1. UV Rays Are Still Our & About.

The summer days may have ended, but it’s still important to protect your skin from the sun – even if it may seem as if there is none! UV rays are still peeking through the cloudy skies and unprotected exposure can cause peeling, redness and itchiness. It’s always important to start your day with a good barrier before you apply your makeup.  We recommend the Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+ protective lotion, to protect your skin all year round.


2. Smooth All Day? Moisturise. 

To maintain a supple complexion and a healthy glow – moisturise! Switch up your summer products and seek a more dense, extra hydrating moisturiser.  A favourite of ours is the ReBalense Moisture Dry which helps reduce itchy, dry skin and produces soft hydrated skin.


3. Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Exfoliate!

During the colder months our skin shedding process tends to speed up as our natural perspiration slows down and therefore our skin dries out faster. It’s incredibly important to exfoliate often to cleanse away dead skin and build up from the products we put on our skin everyday. We love the High Performance Microdermabrasion from Australian Skin Clinics targets your skin’s natural rejuvenation process giving your skin that lasting glow.


4. Mask It.

Just like we use deep conditioning treatments to renew our damaged hair – weekly hydration facial masks are a simple yet highly effective way of refreshing your skin  during the changing seasons! A favourite of ours is the Skinstitute Hydrating Mask – a simple at-home, ten minute treatment that keeps your skin radiant and glowing.


5. Peel Off Your Skin!

Yes, exactly what you’re thinking. Make your skin feel brand new by peeling the old away with the Medi-aesthetic Pigmentation Peel from Australian Skin Clinics. This peel will leave your skin feeling and looking regenerated, smoother and more radiant!





5 HOT Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing Through The Changing Seasons
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 22 March 2017


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