What To Wear This Christmas

23 December 2016
By Guest GAT Girl

Christmas day is set to be scorcher… 40 degrees to be exact! As I flicked through my wardrobe panic started flooding over me… What on earth was I going to wear? How do you keep cool, stay comfortable but also be family appropriate? The beautiful Kate Campbell from Coltish answered our mayday call, taking the stress out of the big day with her festive style guide.

Kate Campbell from Coltish

The 27-year-old who conquered fashion heavy weights in Sydney before returning home to open her new boutique, Coltish says nailing the Christmas day look is all about planning.

“When selecting your outfit for Christmas day there’s three key factors you have to consider, heat, comfort and whether it’s family appropriate,” says Kate Campbell.

With many families typically spending Christmas day in the sunshine, Kate says finding a no sweat approach to the heat is crucial.

“A good option to combat the heat is shorts and a top. It sounds very casual but a nicely tailored pair of shorts and a floaty blouse makes a stylish, little Christmas day outfit,” says Kate Campbell.

Shorts and a top combo from Coltish

With a large chunk of Christmas day spent playing with kids and saying yes to those second helpings, Kate says to avoid anything without give around the waist and stomach.

“A maxi dress from Paddo to Palmy is perfect… My favourite is the Santorini frill dress with blue hibiscus print because of it’s adjustable straps and elastic waist,” says Kate Campbell.

Santorini frill dress with blue hibiscus print

With a trip to the beach or a dip in the pool, a favourite Christmas activity, Kate says getting family appropriate swimwear is essential.

“If you’re hitting the water, a wrap or kimono to drape over yourself in between swims is a must.

“One piece swimsuits are also great for family hangs at the beach, with First Base releasing some really cool sports-luxe inspired shapes this season,” says Kate Campbell.

Bathers from Coltish

One of the biggest trends this summer is bold prints and colours, and there’s no exception on Christmas day, with Kate recommending blue, pink and orange tones.

With cult-classic, Quay Australia and Luxe Project in store at Coltish, the boutique is packed with the perfect Christmas day accessories.

“The easiest way to show your festive cheer is by accessorising your outfit… Add some bold earrings, a bright, vintage bag from Luxe Project or throw on some stylish sunnies,” says Kate Campbell.

Quay sunglasses from Coltish

Items from Kate’s festive guide can be purchased at Coltish Boutique on 165 King William Road, or online at www.coltish.com.au.

What To Wear This Christmas
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 23 December 2016


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