Introducing our Interns – Experience is Everything

14 October 2016
By Guest GAT Girl


As the newest intern with GAT, I’ve been given the guernsey to write the first intern blog. Yes, definitely an exciting honour (I mean, it’s GAT, what’s not to be excited about?!), but not without a few nerves. However, I love a good challenge, so here goes….

I feel like it was only yesterday I was beginning year 12 and constantly being asked the same question. ‘Megan, what do you want to do when you finish school?’ To this, I had no response. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to go out and earn myself some serious money (or just find a rich husband). However, my dad was always quick to remind me that money doesn’t buy happiness and that I should do what I loved.
Half listening to my dad’s advice and realising that finding a rich husband might be easier said than done, I began to think about what I really enjoyed doing with my spare time, what caught my interest and how I could find a job that was both enjoyable AND paid well. Surely I could find a balance!

Turns out, the answer to all the questions was right in front of me. I was (and still am) the organiser in the group. I’m that friend that’s always making plans, bossing everyone around and always looking for a new adventure to plan!

This passion not only led me to my university degree in media, communications and marketing, but also to chasing other opportunities that would tie in with my degree and allow me to do what I enjoyed. I was very fortunate to gain an internship with GAT where I’m able to learn, gain experience and work alongside an amazingly talented group of women including Maree, Sophie and the rest of the team.

Along with both these commitments, I was also fortunate enough to be elected as St Mark’s College Club’s Secretary at the start of the year. St Mark’s College Club is a student run leadership team of 17 who organise, plan and execute numerous events for their collegians throughout the year.
Over the past few months, my team and I have been super busy preparing for our biggest event of the year which has really put my event planning, organisation and communication skills to the test. Our event, Marksenfest, is a German-inspired event where we open our college gates up to 1400 young people and supply all you can eat and drink all day, as well as 3 stages hosting live entertainment.


Slowly but surely, my team and I managed to pull everything together with Marksenfest being held on Sunday just gone. It was hugely successful and super rewarding seeing so many people enjoy something we’d worked so hard for.

While it was a pretty stressful, hectic few days, I still think it was worth every second and has definitely helped confirm that I’m in the right degree. Uni would never have been able to provide this type of experience, opportunity or friendships.

For me, experience is everything – taking every opportunity you can and seeing where it will take you.

Can’t wait to see where this new GAT adventure takes me!

Until next time,

Meg xx

Introducing our Interns – Experience is Everything
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 14 October 2016


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