Networking 101

11 October 2016
By Guest GAT Girl

In the world of PR networking is everything. As the saying goes, “If you’re not networking, you’re not working.” This was a rather daunting prospect at first as I was always very shy growing up. Lucky for my teenage self, I had triplet sisters by my side to do a lot of the talking for me!

As I got older my shyness began to disappear and I found I actually loved the social side of networking. My skills will be put to the ultimate test when GAT takes on ‘Icebreaker 16.’ This week we signed up to help smash the world record for the biggest networking event. Like speed dating, we’ll get a couple of minutes to spend with each of the 1,200 local innovators. I will keep you posted on how we go!

Viking Charter Yachts
Viking Charter Yachts

It wasn’t all work this week…I sailed into the weekend with a yacht party on Saturday night. My friend Kim who’s recently moved to Wollongong to work as a reporter for WIN News was back for the weekend to celebrate her birthday in style! It was amazing to get a chance to catch up with her! The yacht was decked out in party lights and you could climb aboard the deck to take in the stunning views and have a dance! My only criticism was the lack of Taylor Swift blaring from the yacht! Always room for improvement.

Until next week… xx


Networking 101
Guest GAT Girl
DATE 11 October 2016


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